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New Site Soon

Friends of Omvestments. 

I've had a number of emails and inquiries about Omvestments, investing and where did the old website go. The last year has been an amazing journey of learning about the #impact space - amazing people, places, ideas and energy focused on changing the world one light, one drug, one sip of water at a time.  

#Whatsyourwhy inquiry and discussions have led me to spend some time thinking about my own why?  Why is not your product or profit objective or investment strategy.  It's the essence of passion underlying purpose.  Tesla's why isn't making electric cars - it's rethinking the experience of transportation.  Case Foundation wants to "invest in people and ideas that change the world".  #Whatsyourwhy became #Whatsmywhy.

So - time to mindfully regroup.  Let some ideas bake in the light of experience, let some go and others enter.  This rethinking requires reimagining - and in that process, re-establishing priorities and investment and advisory strategies.  When that process is far enough along to make sense, then...

Until then - feel free to get in touch, check out my posts on LinkedIn, photos and travels on Backward-Om, share ideas and things will be back up when the next steps of the impact journey is ready for sharing.

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